Austria : Novel α6GABAAR Subtype-Selective Ligands for CNS Disorders and Trigeminal Pain

Current Problems with CNS Drugs

  • Many GABAergic drugs on the market today offer little selectivity towards various subtypes of GABAA receptors, and thus exhibit undesired side effects
  • These include sedation, ataxia, amnesia, tolerance, and addiction
  • There has been a lack of new drugs developed for CNS disorders, while the social, clinical, and economic needs are growing

Our Solution: Novel α6GABAAR ligands

Recently, the α6 subunit-containing GABAA receptor (α6GABAAR) has been implicated in neuropsychiatric disorders with sensorimotor gating deficits, migraine, orofacial pain and depression.





Innovations offered:








Preferred Cooperation:

□ Commercial Agreement with technical assistance

R Technical Cooperation Agreement

□ Financial Investment Agreement

□ Joint Venture

R Licensing Agreement

□ Manufacturing Agreement

□ Research Collaboration Agreement

□ Services Agreement


Type of Partner sought:

  • Provide support for follow up animal testing in lead compounds
  • Aid in moving towards the regulatory approval process and IND filing
  • License the technology for development of new drugs