Austria : Directstart device for starting an internal combustion engine

The new method for direct injection of natural gas and hydrogen into the combustion chamber allows the use of the directstart in spark ignition engines with small numbers of cylinders. The method delivers sufficient energy into the combustion chamber where the first combustion occurs to achieve a very fast and silent start of the engine.

Direct injection of compressed air into the combustion chamber in which the first combustion occurs, makes it possible to bring in more fuel gas (methane, hydrogen, etc.) and increase the energy of the first combustion. This method will ensure that the directstart (conventional and extended) is applicable in internal combustion engines with small numbers of cylinders. For the injection of compressed air as well as natural gas the same injector is used. Because of that no additionally device is necessary to increase the charge. With this starting method it is possible to realise a fast, silent and comfortable engine start which works without any assist of electrical machines (a starter for example).


Innovations offered:

  • very fast start
  • no stabilization of onboard power supply systems necessary    
  • starter is not needed
  • very silent start



  • prototype available


Preferred Cooperation:

□ Commercial Agreement with technical assistance

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