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Solaris Photonics Ltd is a high-tech company established by Dr Arnaldo Galbiati to commercialize upon advanced power generation technologies. Solaris’ two core products, the Solaris Photonics Multiplier (SPM) and Alkaline Photovoltaic (APV), are highly innovative, patented and set the company aside from other solar energy companies. The goal of Solaris Photonics is to cross sell the SPM and APV technologies as they are complementary.


Innovations offered:

  1. SPM is a power electronics device which can be retrofitted to solar panels to multiply their power output by up to four times.
  2. the APV is a highly versatile photovoltaic cell, which can transform any surface into a solar panel without affecting its transmission properties.
  3. Solaris photonics’ SPM stands out with its exceptional power yield of 400% compared to only a marginal 2% by its competitors.
  4. the global utility-scale solar operations & maintenance (O&M) market is estimated at 182 gigawatts (GW) in 2016 and is forecast to grow to over 400 GW in 2021. much of the anticipated growth continues from the Chinese and Indian markets.
  5. the competitive advantages of APV is that is it incredibly thin, non-toxic, flexible, transparent and very low cost - 13 cents per watt, versus 40 c/w for the market leading competitor



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